Oppo-Taco for Your Fantasy Draft?

Published on 22-Aug-2014 by Jared Michael

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Oppo-Taco for Your Fantasy Draft?

This may be my first foray into The Daily Player realm, but it's not my first rodeo when it comes to fantasy football.

I don't like to boast, but as they say, it's not bragging if it's a fact: I play around three leagues a year and win at least one of them per season. That's the way it's been for the past four seasons or so.

I assume the 2014 fanstasy campaign won't be your first dance, either. So, being the experienced seasoned veteran you are, you know you've got to get that stud RB in the first round.

Well, in the immortal words of Lee Corso, "Not so fast, my friend!"

Yes, going in the studly direction is fine if you're picking in the top five, where it should go Shady, Charles, Forte, Peterson and Lacy; yes, Eddie Lacy is a top five pick. However, if you get the unceremounious draft slot in the 6-9 range, may I suggest the oppo-taco?

(Lavishing credit where credit's due, thank you, Mr Victor Rojas -- voice of the Angels -- for coming up with the term oppo-taco. Now, watch as I re-purpose it into something entirely unrelated to its intended meaning!)

Opposite draft is a common strategy that I think most people dismiss. But if you're in a 12-team PPR league taking a Calvin Johnson or Jimmy Graham at 6-9, then pairing them up with Brees or Rodgers in Round 2 or a stud WR along the lines of Marshall or Julio is pretty damn tempting.

Now, you might say  "Jared! C'mon, son! I can not go two rounds with no RB!"

To which I say, "You, sir, are correct! Go three rounds with no RB!"

Take a Keenan Allen or Pierre Garçon if they fall to Round 3.

Here's the key. According to ADPs -- average draft position, for the uninitiated -- a player like Bishop Sankey (58.8), Shane Vereen (67.2) or if somebody like an Andre Ellington may slip, snag them up in Round 4 and Voilà! You're cooking with straight gas! A four-round core of Graham/Calvin, Brees/Rodgers, Keenan Allen/Pierre Garçon and one of the RBs listed above may damn well get you hired as Cleveland's next GM! And you know that's gonna happen sooner rather than later.

So, if you're picking in the middle and the chips fall that way -- keeping in mind, if a stud falls into your lap, take him -- consider the oppo-taco.

And if you pick in the front, think about trying to move back into this area and scoop up a couple extra picks to build that RB depth as the draft rolls on.

No matter how good your first few picks may be, the draft is won in the middle rounds. So go forth and get some oppo-tacos!

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