On the Bright Side, the Patriots Have a Helluva Broadcast Team

Published on 10-Sep-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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On the Bright Side, the Patriots Have a Helluva Broadcast Team

If you want smooth, these dudes are smooth.

Not a second is wasted; their precision is that polished.

Bob Socci and Scott Zolak know how to bring an NFL game to life.

Just ask Mike Tomlin.

Wait a minute.

Dude had to be a fan! Why else would he have listened to it "for the majority of the first half" if he didn't like it?

It'd be awesome to lay this one on Darth Belichick, too, except for one detail:

McCann tweet re headsets

Roger Goodell's posse isn't that hard to find on the sideline, and if for some reason they're preoccupied protecting balls or photos of cheeleaders' shirts and skirts, the zebras are amazingly accessible. And it doesn't take an entire half to send out a search party.

Then again, as Belichick seems to have shown on other occasions, it's not that difficult to okie-doke the NFL straight men.

Maybe something's being lost in the fog of Foxboro, here.

With Socci and Zolak's dulcet tones caressing Tomlin's ears, New England took the first half, 14-3. Without them, Pittsburgh put together an 18-14 advantage in the second. And that was that.

Maybe the broadcasters were giving Tomlin too much analysis, with the information overload putting him into some sort of catatonic state to the point that he kept putting off seeking a remedy.

Fans know all to well this can happen.

And Socci and Zolak really do call a helluva game.