OJ Wins Parole ... Sometime

Published on 31-Jul-2013 by J Square Humboldt

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OJ Wins Parole ... Sometime


To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, of all the hotel rooms in Sin City, OJ had to walk into that one.

And in the aftermath, what a circus of a criminal court couldn't do in Los Angeles, a hanging judge did in Las Vegas. OJ Simpson got 33 years worth of harsh reality for thinking he was either above the law or able to dodge it.

Today, Simpson won parole on a few of his transgressions committed when he and his accomplices burst into the room of two memoribilia dealers, guns in hand, and demanded property that he claimed as his own. While citizens of less arrogance would opine that there are better ways to resolve a dispute, the former NFL record-setter turned Hertz airport hurdler turned Naked Gun foil was most likely emboldened by beating a murder rap and thus deduced that waving weapons around was child's play.

The flaw in his logic was this time, there were witnesses.

And so the poster boy for jocks gone bad was consigned to confinement at Lovelock State Prison, biting off a 9-to-33 piece of his life.

The parole Simpson was granted takes effect on 2 Oct of this year, at which time he'll begin serving the minimum term on four concurrent sentences for using a gun during a robbery. He'll get a parole hearing on those items next year. After that, he's still got two consecutive sentences to serve for assault with a deadly weapon.

Tough state. Takes guns seriously. As they all should.

OJ continues to have a glimmer of hope for an earlier release. His current attorneys have filed motions for a new trial, which are being considered by Clark County Judge Linda Marie Bell. If they succeed, the state prosecutors would have to determine whether to re-try him, offer a plea deal, or let him go with time served.

Failing that, Simpson will continue to toil away at his prison job of wiping down exercise equipment and officiating games in the rec yard.

So it will still be a while before he can resume his search for the real killer, one golf course at a time.