Odds Makers Handing Out Free Money on New York Jets Win Total?

Published on 24-Aug-2013 by Richard Huryn

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Odds Makers Handing Out Free Money on New York Jets Win Total?

It's no secret, and mostly widely agreed upon, that the Jets are in a stiff competition for the NFL’s least talented roster.

While the Jaguars and Raiders might have something to say about crowning the Jets as 'the league’s worst team' in Week 3 of the pre-season, most folks would probably agree that Jacksonville and Oakland are at least standing still if they're not moving forward slightly.

The Jets, on the other hand? Clearly moving backward…

Knowing this, imagine the 'inquisitive head turn' that automatically happened after stumbling upon their over/under win total and seeing it set at 6½ victories.

Let’s face it, the Jets are going to lose a minimum of five games in their division. The Patriots are still the Patriots, despite a great deal spoken and written about their demise. The Dolphins and Bills are much improved and should have no problem beating the Jets. The law of averages state, however, that the Jets will likely not go winless in the division, so we’ll allow for them to steal one win against a division opponent.

That means the Jets would have to win six of their remaining 10 games to exceed the mark of 6½ wins.

Not likely. Here is their out-of-division schedule:

  8 Sep vs Tampa Bay 13 Oct vs Pittsburgh   8 Dec vs Oakland
29 Sep at Tennessee 27 Oct at Cincinnati 15 Dec at Carolina
  7 Oct at Atlanta   3 Nov vs New Orleans 22 Dec vs Cleveland
  24 Nov at Baltimore  

Not exactly murderers' row, but even granting victories over Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Oakland, Carolina, and Cleveland, the Jets would still need to find one more win. Looking at the other teams, where is that win going to come from? Super Bowl contending Atlanta or Baltimore? Playoff caliber Cincinnati or Pittsburgh?


The wins are simply not there.