O Brother, Here Art Thou!

Published on 15-Mar-2013 by Shane M Watson

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O Brother, Here Art Thou!

After watching the Super Bowl and being a younger brother, I can honestly say the next Harbaugh family gathering may be a little awkward.

To make matters worse, I can only imagine that the recent trade of Anquan Boldin adds to this. Why? Well, because this may have not been a front office deal but, in reality, a household deal.

Just look at it: Anquan was a stud in the postseason for Baltimore, definitely earning his pay in the red zone (four touchdowns) and proving that even with his age, he could still bully defensive backs and get the jump ball. Why would Baltimore not want to shell out the cash for him to stay at least another year? They already overpaid for Average Joe Flacco, so why not cough up the dosh for the proven and dedicated vet Boldin?

Here's my theory: Momma Harbaugh made John do it.

I'll bet she took big brother John aside and said, “Dear, now I know you won, but your brother feels really bad, so if you want dessert after dinner, I think you should give Mr Boldin to little Jimmy.”

I cannot explain this trade any other way.