Now LA Has a Second NFL Team to Ignore

Published on 12-Jan-2017 by CJ

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Now LA Has a Second NFL Team to Ignore

The NFL's greedmeisters wanted a return to Los Angeles very badly, and they've now done it.

Very badly.

For almost two decades, the City of Angels went without a team to call its own. Frankly, they were fine with that.

This is a concept The Shield refused to fathom, so it crammed an old resident down LA's throat.

Fittingly, though, it was the Rams who did the choking.

As one might imagine, what fans there were had zero incentive to pay big bucks as well as sit through LA traffic to watch a historically bad Rams offense get blown out against garbage teams. Come December, the Rams were barely able to get the Coliseum to half-capacity.

This is just desserts for Stan Kroenke carpetbagging it outta St Louis, which is now left with a taxpayer-funded empty stadium that won’t be won't be paid off until 2021.

Now, LA football fans will have their choice of terrible teams to disregard.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos -- who hasn't met a dumb decision he couldn't own -- announced by letter that his franchise will be moving to LA for the 2017 season.

That's damn near as slimy as Robert Irsay rolling the moving vans outta Baltimore at the stroke of midnight.

When Kroenke big-dogged his way into Los Angeles, the Chargers were tossed a bone to be second-class stooges there in 2017.

Well, hell, what tone-deaf idiot could turn down a deal like that?

Joining a national trend of refusing to pay for kajillionaires' playpens, San Diego voters' strongly rejected Spanos' demand to build a stadium where he wanted it.

After that, there was little doubt team owner Dean Spanos would move his team.

Ironically enough, the rechristened Los Angeles Chargers will be playing their games in the StubHub Center, the 27,000-seater home of LA's Galaxy.

Incidentally, they pack the joint. That may be more than Spanos' franchise will be able to do.

Maybe the NFL is this nation’s most popular sport, but it isn't in SoCal like college football isn't in New York City.

So maybe this move should be more than temporary.

Spanos justifably became so disliked in San Diego, the Chargers were playing to 80% attendance stadium capacity there this season.

The league had offered Spanos -- as well as the Raiders' Mark Davis -- $300million to help make their current-at-the-time facility plans work.

But noooo! Dude would rather pay $650million in relocation fees.

Yet another sign he inherited his fortune.

So, now, a 4-12 Rams team will be sharing an apathetic market with a club that finished 5-11 this year, with no tangible signs of improvement for the immediate future.

That seasoned slinger Philip Rivers makes all the difference. Over a 16-game schedule, 6.25%, to be exact.

It's no secret the Raiders are the most popular team in those parts, but face it, gang leaders just don't buy enough luxury boxes and private seat licenses.

Their only shot at moving closer to Compton was dependent on the Chargers turning down their LA option.

So now, Davis will either remain in Oakland or move to the proposed $1.9billion Las Vegas stadium.

RIP to the San Diego Chargers, who never topped the NFL but did give us this magical moment:

They just did.