NFL Week 8: What We Learned

Published on 28-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 8: What We Learned

Welcome to the halfway point of the NFL season, where chaos ensues.

We had the Cowboys blowing another lead, the Broncos sleepwalking against the Redskins, and the poor Jets looking like, well, the Jets.

Let's get started.

The Cowboys can't close the deal ... The Dallas Cowboys, after Sunday's loss, dropped to 4-4 overall. The 'Boys should be at least 6-2 or 7-1, but they can't close the deal in the fourth quarter. Dallas has had double-digit leads against the Broncos, Chargers, and Lions and blew them all in the end. Once again, it wasn't Tony Romo's fault, it was the defense. They couldn't hold a bucket of water and it's costing the Cowboys victories. 

The Vikings desperately need a quarterback ... How much better would the Minnesota Vikings be if they just had a decent quarterback? I don't believe that they're actually that bad, but you can't depend on Adrian Peterson to save you every weekend like the Vikes have been doing. It's gonna catch up to you. In fact, it has. The Vikings, to use a Bill Walton phrase, are horrrrible at quarterback! Forget calling Brett Favre, it may be time to call Tim Tebow. Hey, he may not throw very well, but he is a winner; that's something they don't have at the moment at the QB position.

Injuries have hurt the Atlanta Falcons ... Who would have thought that those Super Bowl-contending Atlanta Falcons would be a woeful 2-5? There are numerous things you can cite as to why the Falcons suck, but the main reason is injuries. Atlanta's two best receivers are hurt, their running back has been down most of the season, and on top of that, they lost some key players on defense to free agency. The pressure and the blame have been put on Matt Ryan, but how can you diss the dude when most of his offense is missing? 

The Packers are starting to make some noise ... We all knew that eventually the Green Bay Packers would bounce back in a big way, and they have. The Packers have finally found a running game with Eddie Lacy, and Aaron Rodgers is starting to look like, well, Aaron Rodgers. Although the Pack may not be the best team in the NFC -- that would be the New Orleans Saints -- they're making mucho noise. Come January, watch out! The Pack may be back!

The Jets and Browns have come back to Earth ... You just knew the good times wouldn't last long for the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns. The Jets have lost two of three, which includes getting the snot beat out them yesterday by the Bengals. Meanwhile, the Browns have dropped three in a row after injuries to their starting quarterback. While we're at it, throw in the Dolphins, who have lost four straight as well. Remember, at one point, all three of these teams were either atop their respective divisions and/or undefeated the first few weeks of the season. But it seems as if reality has finally set in, with that reality being: they aren't very good.

What to look for Week 9:

  • Can the Bears get their mojo back against the Pack?
  • Is anyone excited about the Pats and Steelers game?

And given the onset of Halloween, we might finally decide who has the scarier fans: Eagles or Raiders.

See you next week!

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