NFL Week 3: Stock Up, Stock Down

Published on 23-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 3: Stock Up, Stock Down

The show must go on.

Even when the sideshow gets more headlines.

Another ring has been added to the circus, of course. Not long after the Commish did his best to bore the media to sleep with what passed for a presser that did nothing but prove it was possible for him to look worse than he already does, ESPN released a report that tossed even more backwash onto the entire mess.

There just aren't enough penalty flags to go around.

Stock Up: Denver Broncos ... Although they lost to the Seahawks, the Broncos played a helluva a lot better this time around and proved they can be competitive. But give the Seahawks credit for proving they are still the best team in the league. Meanwhile, the argument arises again: the NFL's version of overtime sucks. Every other sport gives both teams a chance to score, no matter what. Incidentally, speaking of scoring, here's Seattle CB DeShawn Shead with his own version of overtime:

Stock Down: Geno Smith ... Wow! What can you say about him? Or what should you say? The turnovers, the overthrows and not being able to get the Jets in the end zone pretty much sums up Geno Smith's career as a J-E-T Jet Jet Jet. If anyone should be plotting to become a Chipsterteer, it's this dude. He needs an NFL version of the spread like the NFL needs a new Commish.

Stock Up: Dallas Cowboys ... Give the Boyz credit for matching team history, coming back from 21 down to beat the St Louis Rams. Rather than making the mistakes they usually make by throwing it all over the place, they relied on their running game and a patient Tony Romo to get them back into the game something they've never done before under Jason Garrett. Now, about that D ...

Stock Down: Tampa Bay ... What in the name of Bruce Almighty was that last Thursday night? We knew the Bucs were bad, but this redefines the term. This had to be what Lovie Smith was thinking:

Take heart, Tampa. Hockey season is around the corner, and there's talk of the Lightning leaping over the Bruins and Canadiens to win the division. They're the hottest ticket in town, virtually by default.

Stock Up: Chicago Bears ... Although they struggled with the Jets, da Bears have now notched two wins on the road and share their division lead with the Detroit Lions. Last night wasn't impressive, but the number will look good in December. They're hoping their defense will still be in one piece by then.

Stock Down: Green Bay Packers ... What's wrong with the Pack? Hans und Franz not getting Aaron in good enough shape? Their offense looks like it needs a road map to find the end zone. And the defense? It should call the moms below and find out what paper they're using. It's stopping forward progress better than they are:

Stock Up: Cincinnati Bengals ... Anyone notice these dudes have the best record in the AFC at 3-0? Give Cover 32 credit for noticing it last April. Will it last? Sports Illustrated thinks so. As long as the Bengals can avoid SI's cover, it just might. While popular opinion -- frontrunner that it is -- believes the Broncos may again be the team to beat in the AFC, the NFL's any given Sunday mantra says it's time to rotate.

Stock Waayyyy Down: Baltimore Ravens ... From the owner all the way down to the players, everyone in the Ravens organization3 monkeys should be ashamed of themselves for doing the three-monkey act with Ray Rice. They may claim that the ESPN report on Rice was biased, but by their actions right from the start of the whole sordid affair, it was quite obvious they thought if they could get away with it, Ray Rice would still be on that team.

Let's just hope the bigger issue remains the focus and not itself fall victim to the 24/7 news cycle. That's a circus in itself.