NFL Week 2: What We Learned

Published on 16-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 2: What We Learned

Tonight's Steelers-Bengals tilt will mark the end of Week 2 in the NFL this season, where we've already found out who's the better Manning.

We're also wonderering if the AFC Central can recover and why the weather is wreaking havoc with so many games.

Peyton is still the better Manning ... As if we need confirmation of this, pizza-pushin' Peyton proved once again why he is the best quarterback in the league, hands down, and why Eli is literally and figuratively still the little brother. Peyton threw for 307 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions. Eli, on the other hand, had 362 yards, one touchdown, and four interceptions. Eli is a good quarterback -- and granted, with two rings bulging with bling -- but he is not his brother.

RGIII looks rusty ... Remember when we said a few weeks ago that it was a good idea for Robert Griffin III to sit out the pre-season? We were wrong. Not playing this pre-season looks like it was a mistake. RGIII looks rusty and can't seem to get into a groove with the Washington offense, at least not until the end of the game. The Redskins are 0-2, are being outscored 50-7 in the first half of games, and some are calling for the back-up qb Kirk Cousins to play. And this is only Week 2.

NFC East is down ... Remember when I asked last week if any division had ever lost all of its opening games? OK, here is my second question: have we had a division lose all their games the second week of the season? The mighty NFC East just accomplished that. Dallas, Washington, New York, and fast-forward Philly all lost games yesterday. At least, the Cowboys and Eagles lost close games, but the Giants and Redskins looked like they are fighting to see who gets the No 1 draft choice next year. Yikes!

Seahawks own the 49ers ... As good as the San Francisco 49ers are, why do they play so poorly against the Seattle Seahawks? Granted, the game was in Seattle and the Seahawks have a great defense, but still. If the 49ers were Superman, the Seahawks are their Kryptonite. Colin Kaepernick looked stoppable and the 49ers' defense looked tired at the end. Maybe the Niners will stop Lex Luthor ... I mean, the Seahawks ... some day. But it wasn't yesterday. Only the lightning storm could do that.

Let's hear it for the Chicago Bears ... Guess who's the only undefeated team in its division? How about those Monsters of the Midway! The Bears are undefeated and look strong in a very tough NFC Central division, at least early on. We'll see where they stand in a few weeks after they play the Packers and Lions, who despite early losses, are still  looking pretty good themselves. 

Tune in next week, when we find out if the Redskins or Giants are really this bad, if Andy Reid of the Chiefs can get revenge against the Eagles, and if the Bills are for really for real.