NFL Week 2: Stock Up, Stock Down

Published on 16-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 2: Stock Up, Stock Down

With all hell breaking loose in the NFL last week, the games themselves were a virtual afterthought.

Never fear, though. We're here now and ready to go for the new season, so let's get started.

Stock up: Dallas Cowboys ... Yes I know, but after losing their opening game to the 49ers, the Boyz put together a decent comeback against the Titans. And for once, they actually did something right and ran the football down the Titans' throats. Fortunately for Tennessee, that's a figure of speech.

Stock Down: San Francisco 49ers ... After looking impressive against the Cowboys, the Niners laid an egg against the Bears. Very fortunately for San Francisco, that's a figure of speech, too. And if it wasn't, TMZ would have had the video. When was the last time a 49ers defense allowed that big of a comeback? Oh, that's right, Sunday night.

Stock Up: Jay Cutler... A shocker, I know, but the ex-Commodore showed us something the other night that we've rarely seen from him: heart. Dude didn't even pitch a fit and pout on the sidelines. Ol' Smokin' Jay simply make both Cornelius and GSH proud. With a little help from his friends, of course. One in particular.

Stock Down: Atlanta Falcons ... What was that on Sunday? After pulling off a victory against the Saints, the ATL looked like they never got off the bus against the Bengals. And if that's the case, who did?

Stock Up: Cincinnati Bengals ... They look like Super Bowl contenders. Too bad it's still September. Even more impressively, what with all the stupidity in the headlines right now, none of it has featured a Bengal player. But it's still September.

Stock Down: Rob Ryan ... Not good for the biker image to be chewed out by his head coach.

At least Sean Payton has a suspension on his résumé, so this could be considered outlaw-to-outlaw. The Sons of Anarchy can breathe easy. Who knew when Ryan said he wanted the D to get weird, that meant resurrecting the rotten D he ran in Dallas? Cowboy fans are saying we told you so, obviously forgetting their own defensive image is more like a tricycler.

Stock Up: Denver Defense ... Even though the Colts and Chiefs almost came back to either win or tie their ballgames, the Broncos dug in for the win each time, something that may not have happened last year. Well, let's be real here. It was something that did not happen when the Super Bowl rubber met the road.

Stock Down: Indianapolis Colts ... So did these dudes believe the predictions that they were Super Bowl material, break into Jim Irsay's dormant stash, and start celebrating too early? Don't know about the exact scenario, but 0-2 is the truth. And so is the Chipster. Can't take a breath on his crew. Come to think of it, that woulda been good legal advice for Irsay.

Stock Up: San Diego Chargers ... The Bolts impressed the Selection Committee with this performance. If only. Strange stuff happens to visiting teams in The WV, to be sure, but nothing stranger than Richard Sherman's latest commercial:

If Josh Gordon hasn't got a clue yet where he should be playing next season, there's no hope.

Stock Down: the NFL in general ... Roger Goodell, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, and that's just last week. The league needs to make some changes, starting at the top.

But don't hold your breath. Unless you're Jim Irsay.