NFL Week 17: What We Learned

Published on 30-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 17: What We Learned

It's the end of the regular season in the NFL, and now we know who made the playoffs and who survived Black Monday, so let's get to it. 

Peyton Manning is the greatest passer of all time ... I remember when we used to ooh and ahh over Dan Marino back in the day asn he put on a weekly passing clinic. And now Peyton Manning is the greatest passer of all-time, hands down. When he's on his game, no one is better. In 2013 alone, this man has thrown for 55 touchdowns and logged for over 5,000 yards. He also has a Super Bowl ring -- something Marino doesn't have -- which some experts tend to forget when talking about his greatness.

Aaron Rodgers' return makes the Packers dangerous ... The Green Bay Packers struggled mightily without Aaron Rodgers, but when he stepped out on the field yesterday against the Chicago Bears, you just knew the Packers would win this game. The Pack without Rodgers are a very average team. The Pack with Rodgers becomes Super Bowl contenders. As long as Rodgers is in the backfield, good things happen. 

Despite the loss, Jason Garrett will probably keep his job ... Yes, the Dallas Cowboys once again laid an egg and didn't make the playoffs, but I think because of their effort the last few weeks, Jason Garrett survives. The Cowboys could have thrown in the towel especially last night, but the fact that they didn't get blown out and kept playing hard means at least one more year with the one time winderkind. Can't say the same about Monte Kiffin.

Rex Ryan will keep his job, too ... But he shouldn't. Rex Ryan is returning because the Jets showed a little promise at the end of the season, but he probably shouldn't. Ryan is not a good offensively-minded coach, and the only way I'd let him keep his job if he fired his offensive coordinator. It'll be interesting to see if the Jets management makes those same demands, too.

Black Monday produced a brace of causalities ... NFL teams wasted no time dumping coaches Monday morning. Five coaches were shown the door; all of them deserving. Surprise! there hasn't been that one firing like Jason Garrett or Rex Ryan that has really shocked anyone. But the day and the week are still young, so don't be surprised if we get blindsided by a firing that no one saw coming.

And so we head into the playoffs, where the real fun begins. 

  • Will the luckiest team in the bracket -- the charmed Chargers -- upset the Bengals?
  • Can the Saints brave the elements in chilly Philly?
  • Is the bloodbath of Black Monday all we'll see for coaching casualties?

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