NFL Week 14: What We Learned

Published on 10-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 14: What We Learned

You can tell the NFL playoffs are near.

Telltale signs are everywhere. The Dallas Cowboys are choking once again. The Patriots are stepping up their game, as usual. Snowblowers are mandatory, except for field goal attempts

The Panthers aren't quite ready for Prime Time ... As good as the Carolina Panthers are, they aren't quite ready to take over the NFC South. Despite a new and improved Cam Newton and a pretty good defense, the Panthers still aren't there yet. The New Orleans Saints shut down the Panthers offense and went up and down the field, at least in the first half, on that vaunted Carolina defense. The Panthers will be a dangerous team in the playoffs, but until they figure out how to beat their divisional rival, they won't make it to the Super Bowl. 

Jerry Jones should fire Monte Kiffin  ... But he won't. For years, we've blamed Tony Romo for why the Dallas Cowboys are so bad, but maybe the truth is finally coming out; it's their defense. Romo threw for three touchdowns, zero interceptions, and DeMarco Murray ran for 140 yards, but they still lost to the Chicago Bears, 45-28. Jerry Jones refuses to admit his mistake in hiring Monte Kiffin. He'll have no choice after the Cowboys miss the playoffs again. That is, if he's struck by a bolt of sanity.

The NFL will regret having the Super Bowl up North ... Has anyone else been paying attention to the weather the last few days? What possessed the NFL to think the Super Bowl should be played in February in New York City? OK, besides shiploads of money and a possible guest appearance by Jimmy Hoffa? It's going to be cold, most likely snowy, and a miserable game. The Super Bowl is supposed to be played in a sunny climate, geniuses. 

Seahawks continue to struggle on the road ... The Seattle Seahawks are a great home team. Like most NFL teams, they play better at home, but get them on the road and they're a totally different team. Case in point: their game at San Francisco last Sunday. When they had the 49ers in Seattle, they blew them out. Get them out of the comforts of home, and they only put up 17 points, played terrible, and lost the game. The Seahawks had better win those road games or they could find themselves out in the first round. 

As long as Tom Brady plays for the Pats, they'll always be contenders ...The Cleveland Browns had the New England Patriots right where they wanted them: down two scores with just a few minutes left in the game. Game over, right? Not with Tom Brady. Mr Ice Water in Veins drove the Pats down the field not once, but twice in just a few minutes and defeated Cleveland, 27-26. The Patriots aren't the best team in the AFC; hell, they aren't even the second-best team, but as long as Tom Brady is quarterbacking them, New England will always be dangerous. Brady is masterful in comebacks. Just ask the Broncos and Browns, and that's for starters. 

What to look for in Week 15:

  • Will Aaron Rodgers play against the Cowboys?
  • Who will be the starting quarterback for the Redskins?
  • Who can beat the Raven fans' completion percentage of snowballs against the visiting team?
  • And will Matthew Stafford throw a bunch of touchdowns against the Ravens.

See you next week!

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