NFL Week 13: What We Learned

Published on 2-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 13: What We Learned

The stretched-out Thanksgiving weekend featured a number of key games, and includes the one tonight when the Saints visit the Emerald City to meet the Seahawks to settle who will have the inside track to home field advantage in the NFC Playoffs.

We also witnessed terrible officiating once again, Peyton Manning being Peyton Manning, and the Packers reaching a new low. Here we go.

Should the Packers let Aaron Rodgers play?  ... After watching what happened to the Pack against the Lions on Thanksgiving Day, it may be a good idea to take a chance and let Aaron Rodgers play. He may not be 100%, but even a 75%  Rodgers is better than a 0% Rodgers. The Packers are missing him like the Colts missed Peyton Manning two years ago, and we saw how that worked out. Time for Aaron Rodgers to return.

Is it time for Rex Ryan to go? ... It's becoming painfully obvious that Rex Ryan is not about to right the ship in New York. In fact, he's like the captain of the Titanic admiring the scenic view that an iceberg can provide. The Jets are bad. Oh, they've had their moments here and there, but overall, they're the Jets. Rex Ryan is a very good defense-oriented coach, but he's managed to torpedo the careers of three quarterbacks over the past two years. Geno Smith, like Mark Sanchez before him, has regressed, and even though Tim Tebow had a head start, so did he. The Jets have no running game, no wide receivers, and their offensive line sucks. At some point, you have to point back to Ryan and Jets management for the poor decisions they have made and ask is it time for a change. The answer for most Jet fans is yes!

Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning ... There was a lot of Peyton Manning bashing going on after the Broncos lost to the Pats in New England last week. It's funny how that changes when he goes out Sunday and destroys the Chiefs secondary. So much for the argument that a) he can't play in the cold, and b) his arm is weak. Ask the Chiefs secondary about that. In fact, ask Papa John.

The NFL needs to hire better referees ... Someone explain to me how in the world an NFL officiating team gets confused on the spot of ball and what down it is? Really? It looked like a Congressional budget committee meeting out there.refs mess up downs

If that's the best the NFL can do, then it's time for them to hire better referees.

Who's better? Saints or Seahawks? ... We already know that the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks are the two best teams in the NFC right now, but the question is, who's better? The Seahawks have the best defense of the two, but the Saints' offense is more explosive. I'll give the advantage to the Seahawks tonight; they're playing at home and their defense is really good. The Saints seem to struggle against decent defenses, so don't be shocked if the Seahawks have their way tonight. And yes, we'll hear (no pun intended) about how loud the fans are for the umpteenth time. Can't they just get back to showing salmon getting tossed around at the Pike Place market? Maybe they can get Richard Sherman to show us how to intercept one to put a football twist on it.

We'll see more big games on the schedule next week. Perhaps a few division races will be decided between the Saints and Panthers and the Seahawks and 49ers. Playoff positions could firm up after the Colts-Bengals and Cowboys-Bears match-ups. For the winners, it'll be the most wonderful time of the year!

See you next week!