NFL Week 10: What We Learned

Published on 11-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 10: What We Learned

Week 10 in the NFL showed us the tragedy that used to be America's Team, a Super Bowl contender that is flying under the radar, and left us pondering the current health of a future Hall of Famer. Here we go. 

How hurt is Peyton Manning? The Broncos QB didn't look that banged up yesterday, but he's obviously hurt, which is why he's having an MRI today. If Manning can't play for a few weeks -- or the rest of the season -- Denver is toast. Ask Green Bay what life without a premier quarterback is like right now.

How bad can this Dallas defense get? Hands down, the Cowboys' defense is worst in the league. Put them against a good quarterback, and they're done like dinner. They can't stop the run, they can't stop the pass, and they definitely can't stop their fans from dreaming about Rob Ryan. Hell, even Jerry Jones is saying that now. Injuries are a part of it, but most of it is Monte Kiffin's scheme. It isn't working. No wonder his son canned him at USC. He's had his day, but it was yesterday; the game's passed him by. And the Dallas offense doesn't have enough firepower to score 40 a week.

Is Colin Kaepernick overrated? What's wrong with Colin Kaepernick? He hasn't looked like himself this season, and now people who were whispering about his being overrated are now asking that question out loud. You wonder if the league's defensive coordinators have finally figured out Kaepernick and the read option offense or if he just got hot at the right time to get the Niners on a Super Bowl run and shuffle Alex Smith out of town.  Maybe Kaepernick's problem is he's just overexposed. He's done commercials, magazine covers, and a brace of interviews, even though he didn't even win the Super Bowl. Maybe only Peyton Manning has that versatility.

Did anyone buy the Richie Incognito interview? Incognito came off to most, I think, as polished and smart, but as ESPN talk show host Colin Cowherd pointed out, this guy admitted he had "gone too far". As Cowherd said, doesn't that sum up his career? Getting kicked off two college teams, molesting a woman, and harassing a teammate is who Incognito is. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig

How good are the Carolina Panthers? The Panthers are finally looking like the team most are saying they are. Cam Newton is finally playing like a good veteran, but may be the most impressive aspect of this team is their defense. They basically shut down the 49ers. People have been saying  for awhile the best part of this Panther's team is their defense which seems to be true.  We may be finally seeing the emergence of the Panthers as a dangerous team in the NFC. 

What to look for Week 11:

  • Can the Colts bounce back against the  Titans?
  • Will Jerry Jones fire Monti Kiffin during the Cowboys off week?
  • Will the Broncos end the Chiefs winning streak?
  • Can the Pats slow down the Panthers?

And, for the dreamers out there, can the Jaguars put together a winning streak? Who knew we'd be saying that at any time this season? Maybe the old bromide about blind squirrels and acorns has something to it.