NFL Umpire Suspended For Profanity

Published on 22-Nov-2013 by Towner Park

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NFL Umpire Suspended For Profanity

OK, so I stand corrected.

NFL officials don't have the right to smack talk.

The aftermath of that incident is just as absurd. Let's scrutinize this obvious double standard that apparently the NFL certainly doesn't seem to care about.

Roy Ellison was suspended one game without pay for using obscene language during the Washington Redskins-Philadephia Eagles game last weekend. His obscenities were directed towards 'Skins offensive lineman Trent Williams. His barrage of derogatories stemmed from profanity that the Fritz Pollard Alliance claimed Trent Williams used during the course of the game. This organization pushes for equal treatment and diversity within the confines of the NFL, and according to the them, Trent Williams was warned about his usage of profanities by Roy Ellison before this situation was escalated.

I understand umpires are held to a high standard and should be professional at all times, but the usage of profanity is unfortunately, very prevelant in the NFL. It is now and always has been a part of the NFL culture. Players, coaches, and coaching staff constantly use abusive language without any thoughts of repercussions, because frankly, few players and coaches are reprimanded for the utilization of such language.

A perfect example would be Tom Brady's vulgar outburst directed toward an official after a controversial call that many feel figured prominently in a New England Patriot loss on Monday night. 

The NFL has a specific code of conduct for umpires. The NFL released this statement after the Ellison suspension:

"NFL game officials are expected to avoid personal confrontations with players and be respectful of players and coaches at all times."

How can the NFL overlook the obvious double standard here? It baffles me to think that this umpire, who was probably being harrassed, and who, I'm sure, over his 11-year career, has been continuously harrassed every time he steps onto the field to officiate the game, is suspended, without pay, for colorfully telling a player, whom he believed disrespreted him, what he thought of that player's character.

Vulgar language is continuously verbalized throughout each and every NFL game, and usually, for the most part, players as well as coaches aren't held accountable. Players intentionally use this type of language to throw their opponents off their games to create a emotional tornado that may or may not be effective. They not only hound each other, but officials as well. If the NFL wants to clean up what's transpiring on the field, they should start with the culture that accepts the usage of such vulgarities. If players can blow off steam and not be held accountable, why can't umpires?

I understand the line has to be drawn somewhere, but I feel the NFL should apply its standards evenly. We constantly see players jawing at each other without any flags being thrown and where no fines or suspensions are administered.

Shouldn't everyone be held accountable? Isn't that the fair treatment that should be enforced across the board?

Shame on you NFL. You have once again embarrassed yourself.