NFL Snark Rankings: Week 10

Published on 12-Nov-2013 by bpfiester

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NFL Snark Rankings: Week 10

It may not be the end of the world, but it was definitely a sign that the universe is ever changing.

The Jacksonville Jaguars earned a W that should equal: West towards Los Angeles, as they beat the Tennessee Titans 29-27 in Nashville

Not only did this historic win for a team that's been ridiculed each and every week assure they wouldn’t go 0-16, Tampa Bay didn’t play along either, but it royally hosed my survivor pool.  Thanks a lot, Titans! 

The Titans were supposed to be honoring the late owner Bud Adams, who passed away on October 21, and they played like complete horse bleep! Mind you, still spiteful Houston Oilers fans might consider that a fitting tribute. Jake Locker appears to be lost for the season with a foot injury, so they’re now relying on Ryan Fitzpatrick. Good luck. Don’t expect a surge in jersey sales.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars – Congratulations on their first win of the season, on the road, no less. I don’t know if the Jaguars won the game or the Titans just didn’t care and were thinking about their Thursday night matchup with the Colts. Well, the Colts got drilled by the Rams, so they're going to be pissed. Meanwhile, Jacksonville’s schedule suddenly looks light since Houston is in the tank, and you just don’t know what you’re going to get from Buffalo and Cleveland each week. The Titans-Jaguars rematch is in Week 16.  I can’t wait. OK, I can wait.
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – So we now know the 2008 Detroit Lions' imperfect record is safe for another season, as the Buccaneers earned their first win of 2013 on MNF over the Dolphins. You could see this triumph coming from a mile away, right? The Dolphins dealing with its Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin TMZ-style drama all week long surely didn’t prepare them for a football game. Tampa Bay still has a brutal schedule and is still on track for a Top 3 pick in the 2014 NFL draft. The way Mike Glennon is playing, perhaps they aren’t in the QB sweepstakes.
  3. Tennessee Titans – They lost to the Jaguars. The Jacksonville Jaguars. At home. They lost their starting QB. My survivor pool is toast. Did I mention that already? Mike Munchak’s quote was not comforting: "We had a lot of things happen today that should never happen to us in any game.” Like lose to the Jaguars. At home. Against Jacksonville. Enough said.
  4. Washington Redskins – There are about seven other teams that could vie for this spot, like the Raiders, who showed up in this exact slot last week and lost in New York against the Giants. But when you lose to another mainstay in the Snark Rankings, you reap what you sow. Here's another team where off-the-field issues are becoming more important than the action between the tackles. It’s just a matter of time before the pro football team located in the District of Columbia changes its Native American moniker, but honestly, calling them the Senators isn’t much of an improvement. Call them the Seagulls as far as I’m concerned. The Senators have been terrible for far too long!
  5. Houston Texans – I really wanted to give the five-hole to the Atlanta Falcons, but their defense got destroyed by one of the best teams in football. The Texans got beat by an up-and-coming Arizona Cardinals team that has an extremely underrated defense, especially with Honey Badger and Patrick Peterson in the secondary. One title for which the Texans can compete with the Falcons: most disappointing team in 2013. The Redskins and Vikings are up there, too, but the Texans are now 2-7 and have lost Arian Foster for the remainder of the season. On the bright side, they play Oakland and Jacksonville twice over the next four weeks. They must take advantage of the light schedule, as they also play New England, Denver, and Indianapolis. Yikes!

There are so many other teams that deserve mention in this column, yet with limited space, we can only critique the best of the best. The best at being inept, that is. Although it’s disappointing that the NFL will not produce two winless teams this season, there's still a possibility that we could see five 2-14 teams.  That’s impressive, right?