NFL May Hire Tattoo Experts to Check Players' Tats

Published on 24-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL May Hire Tattoo Experts to Check Players' Tats

How paranoid has the Aaron Hernandez investigation made the NFL?

So much so that there are reports coming out saying the league may hire tattoo artists to interpret players' personal body artwork.

Hernandez's bod is covered in tats, and some feel a lot of them show gang affiliations, which has NFL executives extremely nervous, wondering if they may have a Hernandez-type on their team.

Bruce Feldman of says NFL teams may start using police experts to inspect prospects’ tattoos because of the Hernandez ordeal. When he was arrested, police inspected his tattoos to see if he had any gang ties.

Some reports have indicated that Hernandez may have been involved in the Bristol Bloods street gang due to a red “Blood” tattoo found on his right hand, but he denies it. 

Maybe what the NFL needs to do is not hire a tattoo artist, but hire better investigators and pay more attention to a players background.

Tattoos aren't necessarily going to reveal whether or not a player is a good guy or a bad guy, but actually doing something obvious like paying attention to his background a little more closely -- instead of just his talent -- will.

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