NFL Gets Fragged in the War on Football

Published on 25-May-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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NFL Gets Fragged in the War on Football

It's a bummer when official policy is to keep the waters muddied.

But it's also effective.

Some say it worked in Roswell in 1947, when the American government -- fresh from WWII and not wanting to alarm a war-weary public -- dealt with the mysterious crash there by dreaming up a flimsy cover story.

However, ultimately, not everyone was a team player.

Still, why let facts get in the way of threats to a monied position?

Spin always rules.

So the only surprise in the matter of NFL suits seeking ways to sidetrack attention from the point about concussions being a serious issue is that a volunteer flunky arose as their spin doctor:

Yeah, right.

Blame compelling evidence of a health issue on the commie pinko liberals, as if they don't have enough on their alleged agenda, like pointing out the similarities between the NFL and socialism:

First rule of spin, from either side: Generalize.

But even then, sooner or later, someone breaks ranks, betraying the cause with an unguarded comment.

And in the War of Football, it came from the relative wilderness of Buffalo, New York:

Not exactly what the league's suits want to hear one day after news broke that they tried to tamper with a study on concussions in football.

Why is honesty such a feared commodity?

Why do monied organizations insist on assuming that the great unwashed is that dumb?

There are shiploads of things that humans weren't meant to do, like space travel. But other humans have found a way to make it feasible with minimum repercussions.

Instead of the blowhard eruption that usually follows comments like Whaley's, how about using the moment for a bit of contrition?

After all, the masses like football. They can handle it.

truth is out there

And they can see through the spin.