NFL Draft Smack Rivals Santa Sighting Rumors As Clock Ticks Down

Published on 25-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Draft Smack Rivals Santa Sighting Rumors As Clock Ticks Down

Next to the 2013 season-opening kick-off of the 2013, this is the calendar day that most NFL fans await with great anticipation.

It's time for the NFL Draft to be on the clock.

This year's edition should be one of the most interesting. Unlike most years, there aren't as many potentially great players to go around. Then again, who really knows the great ones at this stage?

Will Manti Te'o be a first round pick? What team is willing to take a chance on Matt Barkley? (check out the part where he says he doesn't regret returning for his senior season. Really? Does anyone realize these days the staying power of global media?) Will Dee Milliner's injuries slide him down the list?

Here's what we've heard so far:

Looks like Manti Te'o will go somewhere in the first round either to the Chicago Bears or the Minnesota Vikings. Right now, looks as if the Vikings want to move up and get the Notre Dame linebacker. I smell a Herschel Walker mistake -- I mean trade -- all over again with this pick.

Matt Barkley is not getting a lot of talk as one would think. The hot QB at the moment is West Virginia's Geno Smith. Despite some reports that he might be overrated, the team that, at least, Smith says is interested in him the most is the Philadelphia Eagles.

That might be a surprise for some, but Michael Vick is getting older and the Eagles do need a quarterback of the future, so why not Smith? 

The last few days have been interesting for Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner. Although most think he will still be a high draft choice, it was reported that Milliner has had five surgeries on his shoulder. Although his doctor thinks he'll be fine, you wonder if someone leaked this information (kind of like the Dan Marino drug rumors) just so he could slide down in the draft and one of the better teams could get him.

This all may work out for the best for Milliner, who would rather be a rookie with the Atlanta Falcons or Dallas Cowboys than try to replace Darrelle Revis in the eyes and minds of New York Jets fans.

No draft night would be complete without a blockbuster trade. The surprise this year is the two teams involved in trade talks, the New England Patriots and the Cleveland Browns. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network is reporting that the Browns want to make a trade for a quarterback; no not the one you thinking about, but the Pats QB of the future, former Michigan Wolverine and Arkansas Razorback Ryan Mallett. However, this one's made the rounds before in various versions.

It would shocking if the Browns actually pulled this off, but we are talking about the Browns here. They've shown a talent to screw up deals like this.

And if the past is like the present, second-guessers will be out in force the day after, proclaiming miscues of the highest order. It's just as certain that more teams than the Browns will oblige.