NFL Demands Mind Boggling $16.6million from MIA for Super Bowl Obscenity

Published on 19-Mar-2014 by Raoul Duke

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NFL Demands Mind Boggling $16.6million from MIA for Super Bowl Obscenity

In one of the more absurd examples of frivolous litigation you're likely to see, the NFL is seeking restitution from singer MIA for an ill-conceived gesture during the halftime show of Super Bowl XLVI.

The amount in question, you ask?

That would be 16.6million bones, or clams, or whatever you call them.

This ungodly sum was derived from a wacky formula based on a number of factors that cannot possibly be reduced to exact figures. In fact, it is pure conjecture.

This twisted logic includes alleged damage to the reputation of the NFL, possible monetary benefits enjoyed by MIA due to the performance, and last but not least, potential commercial revenue lost by the league during the singer’s two minutes on stage.

Here is MIA at Super Bowl XLVI, for good or ill:

As you can see, the incident itself did certainly take place. MIA. did in fact flash a quick middle digit in front of the camera.

While obviously inappropriate, it was rather benign when considering what passes for entertainment these days. Musical acts with severe talent deficiencies frequently plumb the depths of tackiness and questionable taste in an effort to remain relevant or disguise the fact that they are woefully inadequate. Shock value does have an audience, and this lowest common denominator mentality has become standard operating procedure.

Looking at you, artist formerly known as Hannah Montana.

Sure, the gesture was made on a network-televised Super Bowl, but was it any more obscene or scandalous than many acts viewed in past Super Bowl halftime shows? I think not. Never mind that silly Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, which may or may not have been contrived. Many performances are specifically designed to titillate, and feature consistently suggestive behavior, including Madonna at the very same Super Bowl as the one in question.

These examples are not meant to pass judgment, but merely to point out the nauseating hypocrisy at play here. The entire foundation of this lawsuit is absurd, not the mention the cartoonish figure the league has fabricated for restitution, which was originally $1.5million before ballooning to the current $16.6million.

MIA’s legal representatives have pointed out much of this hypocrisy in their response to the league, as well as NBC’s failure to use the five-second delay in an appropriate fashion.

This is not about arguing the merits of MIA’s performance. It was awful, just like the vast majority of Super Bowl halftime fare.  However, she should not have to compensate the league for breach of contract, and certainly not for the requested amount. It is not like the NFL is some fledgling not-for-profit company, and they have inflicted plenty of damage to their own brand themselves.

The fact that the NFL would presume to take the moral high ground is giggle inducing, just like this silly lawsuit.