NFL Adds Dodgeball to Pro Bowl Week

Published on 26-Dec-2016 by Raoul Duke

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NFL Adds Dodgeball to Pro Bowl Week

The NFL is frequently behind the curve on many ideas and trends, and the Pro Bowl is no exception.

The annual touch football scrimmage masquerading as a post-season All-Star game has been a crushing bore for some time now, and the league is finally taking steps to stimulate the masses.

The Shield has announced plans to incorporate a number of skills challenges as a prelude to the game itself, something the other professional leagues have been doing for years.

However, one of the aforementioned skills events is actually quite creative and outside the box, attributes not normally associated with the No Fun League.

Wait for it:

They're actually going to play dodgeball.

Whatever rogue element in the league office pushed this one through deserves a Coke and a smile.

Actually, Cleveland Browns all-planet tackle Joe Thomas is taking credit for this idea, claiming he made these suggestions on a league conference call.

Bravo, sir.

The dodgeball competition will be infinitely more anticipated than the actual game and will hopefully become a staple for years to come.

There's also going to be a relay race and other random stuff, but the silliness and whimsy of dodgeball is what we crave.

And to ensure the utmost integrity, White Goodman is reportedly being brought in as a technical consultant.

Good times.