NFC West: Top Dog in 2013

Published on 3-Apr-2013 by NJHerrick

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NFC West: Top Dog in 2013
The NFC West division looks to be the most interesting division in the league this coming season.
At least, expect to see most of the prime action there.
The AFC East may come in a close second, thanks to the escapades of those wacky Jets and their divisional cohorts other than the Patriots. But I digress.
The arms race in 2013 is shaping up to be at its most heated in the NFC West as opposed to the rest of the NFL. A division that was below .500 as recently as 2010 is now a powerhouse with young quarterbacks (except Carson Palmer in Arizona) and devastating defenses rising out of the detritus in just two short years. 
With the Seahawks signing DE Cliff Avril and WR Percy Harvin, the 49ers signing DB Nhamdi Asomugha and QB Colt McCoy (still unsure why they did that), Arizona signing QB Carson Palmer, and the Rams signing OT Jake Long and TE Jared Cook, the entire divisional contingent is looking to make a statement to the rest of the NFL. They are no longer the laughingstock division of the NFL; that honor now goes to the NFC East, and you can thank the Cowboys and Eagles for that.
The Rams and Cardinals had no choice but to act boldly to gain some momentum on the 49ers and Seahawks. The alternative would be to play for 2014 before September even ends. That duo must prove right out of the gate that they belong in the same division with the two most athletic, dangerous, dynamic, complete and explosive teams in the league.
Watch for matchups between the NFC West and the rest of the league this coming season. Use the data Bovada provides on our Home page. Odds are the West will compare favorably all season. Better odds are that's when the good bargains will be on the board for those who cheer with their wallets in hand. It may be a few weeks before Western dominance dawns on all but the most dedicated followers of football.
Get there early and do what the West will be doing all season. Win.