Newton to Have Ankle Surgery

Published on 18-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Newton to Have Ankle Surgery

Bad news for Carolina Panthers.

it was announced today that quarterback Cam Newton will be out four months after ankle surgery.

"The ankle was sore after the [NFL divisional playoff game] and we wanted to see if rest would calm it down, but it is still bothering him and the decision was made to address it," Panthers head trainer Ryan Vermillion said to the Charlotte Observer.

That's easy to say now, but ask Robert Griffin III how his recovery went last season. He had surgery on his knee last year and sat out pre-season games. When he came back, he looked shaky most of the year and definitely didn't look like the old RGIII from his rookie season.

You have to wonder if the same thing might happen to Cam.

Hopefully, head coach Ron Riveria won't pull a Mike Shanahan  and sit Newton during the pre-season. Bascially, that wound up costing him his job and the Redskins their season.

This is the story the Panthers and their fans want to see continued: