Mourinho's the Master

Published on 17-Nov-2013 by akinkunmi009

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Mourinho's the Master

José Mourinho is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in football.

He has led numerous top teams to national and European honors. There are some who still dispute it, but there is no doubt he's an accomplished achiever.

Some coaches rate themselves by what they accomplish with a team or by the number of club trophies and individual awards won, but the Setúbal-born tactician is something different, special, and exceptional. Mourinho's motivational words and techniques have time and again coaxed players to perform above themselves. A coach can’t be considered among the best without winning medal, but Mourinho believes the best coach is the coach who can improve the performance of a player on pitch.

Yes, the bst coaches are expected to manage the world's best players, and this Portuguese master has done that. For example:

  • Crisitano Ronaldo, the 2008 world player of the year and runner-up in 2010 and 2012
  • Samuel Etoo, the four-time African footballer of the year
  • Dider Drogba, Michael Essien, Frank Lampard, and Andrea Shelvechenko
  • Iker Cassilas, the 2012 goalkeeper of the year

With Mourinho's of trophy haul still accumulating, Mourinho has matched or broke coaching records in four European countries.

His records are still the one to beat in England

  • Manager to win the league with the highest point (95)
  • Winning six trophies in three years
  • Undefeated in Premiership home games (70)

His unbeaten records in Spain are incredible:

  • Games won in a Laliga season (32)
  • Away wins(16)
  • Goals scored (121)
  • Goal difference (+85)

Perhaps José Mourinho's greatest achievement is his becoming the first manager ever to win domestic titles in four major European leagues.

José Mario dos Santos Mourinho Felix is known for his self-promoting proclamations. But give him credit. Virtually everywhere he's gone, he's backed it up.