Montana Says Kaepernick Needs to Improve His Passing

Published on 17-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Montana Says Kaepernick Needs to Improve His Passing

When one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time talks about you, you sit up and listen.

Former San Francisco 49ers great and Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana had a few words for current quarterback Colin Kaepernick. 

Although Montana, for the most part, seems to like the play of Kaepernick, he's a bit concerned about about the former Nevada Wolf Pack signal caller's passing skills.

"I like his mobility and that he's getting the ball downfield," Montana said in USA Today. "But sometimes, he needs to be more accurate in the pocket with pressure."

He continued.

"The game is changing," he said. "Nobody wants to throw with pressure anymore. But the guys who can win in this league are the ones who can make throws from the pocket."

You don't have to look far to know what Montana is saying is right. Just consider the AFC championship game this coming Sunday.

Arguably the two best passers of this generation are facing each other once again for a chance to go the Super Bowl.

Brady and Manning have four Super Bowl rings between them, not to mention numerous passing records. They do not have any rushing records.

Sounds like Montana is giving the cagey veterans the edge when the Super Bowl rolls around.