Minnesota Governor: Peterson Shouldn't Play

Published on 16-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Minnesota Governor: Peterson Shouldn't Play

Seems like everyone wants to weigh in on the Adrian Peterson situation.

That now includes the governor of the State of Minnesota, Mark Dayton.

He's issued a statement that weighs in on the side of those who believe the star running back shouldn't be playing.

Dayton took note that it's an "awful situation" given the emotional nature of the issue and Peterson's legal right to due process:

However, he is a public figure; and his actions, as described, are a public embarrassment to the Vikings organization and the State of Minnesota. Whipping a child to the extent of visible wounds, as has been alleged, should not be tolerated in our state. Therefore, I believe the team should suspend Mr Peterson until the accusations of child abuse have been resolved by the criminal justice system.

Despite his comments, Dayton said he still supports the team. Well, of course he does; he's got an election coming up. But more than that, he well understands Minnesota is a socially progressive state due, in part, to a strong Scandinavian heritage. The football team wasn't named Vikings by whim.

He's looking at polling numbers constantly. You can be sure he's seen hard data on what his constituents think, not only about Peterson's case, but on the tone-deaf way the NFL is handling its issues in general.

Think about it. Minnesota is a hockey-mad state that still told career weasel Norman Green to take their beloved North Stars elsewhere because they couldn't abide his ethics. Minnesota called Carl Pohlad's bluff when he threatened to move the Twins to North Carolina unless they handed him the taxes he wanted to build a new stadium.

If any populace has put the tea leaves out there to read, it the Minnesotans.

And it's not just the guv who realizes this:

There's more:

Nike tweets re Peterson merchandise

And, if you'll pardon the irony, here's one that's even more sobering:

Anheuser-Busch tweet re NFL and domestic violence

You're looking at millions of dollars of discontent in those statements.

The Vikings seemed to have lost the nerve to stand by the decision they made over the weekend to bench Peterson until all this has been cleared up. I guess getting your butt kicked by the Patriots Sunday will do that for you.

But it's looking like a minority opinion:

Wonder how they feel now, knowing there was a second charge of child abuse against him. Think they want to change their minds again?

They might if another sponsor follows through and drops them. The only way this situation changes is when sponsors start pulling the dollars.

It's already started in Minnesota. The question is, will it continue?