Miller's Money! But Was He Worth It?

Published on 20-Jul-2016 by Swami Brown

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Miller's Money! But Was He Worth It?

It's going to be #MillerTime in Denver for the next six years.

As in Von, of course.

Dude got the dosh to go along with his ring.

So keep on dancing, Denver fans!

Looks like he will.

The Bronco LB signed a 6-year/$114.5million extension before time was up for franchise-tagged players to ink long-term contracts this offseason.

You know dude's excited about getting paid. Here's a tweet he sent out just minutes before the Fri 15 July deadline:

Ahh, Jerry Maguire. What memories.

That's probably what John Elway had to say before Miller would officially agree to the deal.

Anyway, Miller's contract makes him the highest paid defensive player in NFL history.

So, dude's now in the record books for getting paid. However, we aren't talking about some Average Joe. We're talking about the reigning Super Bowl MVP, a Defensive Rookie of the Year, and a man who 's put up double-digit sacks in all but one season.

Had he not served a six-game suspension in 2013 and avoided injury that same year, I believe -- beyond a shadow of a doubt -- he would've continued that streak. 

Miller doesn't need the Broncos as badly as the Broncos need him. That's why Elway had to tweak this deal -- in a leal but non-Colorado way -- so that it would be tailor-made for the dude earning the dough.

Without Miller, Denver would've been looking at an uphill climb to win Super Bowl 50, especially with the way their offense performed for much of the game.

He's been building up to this status his entire career, becoming the brightest and shiniest star of that elite-level Denver defense

That includes taking the term impact player literally.

Miller threatened to sit out the upcoming 2016 season because he refused to play under the franchise tag.

If you ask me, that's a dude who knows his own worth.

Elway had to bite the bullet and just pay the man, but at what cost?

None. The Broncos have one of the best, if not the best, defenses in the league. This is the kind of D that teams dream of putting together with large amounts of cap space to use.

Even though the team had to fork over enough money to make Miller a part-owner, they did it to keep a team together that's still capable of great things. 

After all, defense does win championships.