Mike Evans Makes Silly One-Handed Grab

Published on 4-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Mike Evans Makes Silly One-Handed Grab

Mike Evans is a pretty talented dude.

As if we needed further verification of this fact, Evans decided to catch a crazy on the Atlanta Falcons in Tampa last night.

The numbers corroborate this testimony.

Dude dropped a spiffy 11-150-2 line directly into the Falcons' disoriented secondary.

Here's the crown jewel of his evening:

That's insane.

Odell Beckham Jr and this dude should grab a beer during a bye week or something, although the kicking net may feel spurned.

Speaking of OBJ, let's look at his one-handed masterpiece.

You know the one:

Yep, that one.

Of course, Evans did get lit up on the play and will now enter the dreaded concussion protocol.

That process is quickly resembling a nightclub filled to capacity and in violation of numerous fire codes.

Is there a two-drink minimum?

The former Texas A&M star wasn't the only one of Bruce's Boys to get torched.

Jameis Winston got pounded at the goal line on a meaningless two-point conversion attempt in the fourth quarter.

Despite absorbing all of this punishment and putting up some sweet numbers, the Bucs were handled rather easily by Matt Ryan and the Falcons.

These dudes should embrace the tenets of nihilism.