Mike Ditka Refers to Cold Weather Super Bowl As 'Stupid'

Published on 30-Jan-2014 by Raoul Duke

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Mike Ditka Refers to Cold Weather Super Bowl As 'Stupid'

There's been no shortage of opinion regarding this year’s Super Bowl venue and the infinite weather possibilities.

There have been arguments made for both sides, although it seems the consensus is that an outdoor Super Bowl played in a northern city in early February is rather foolish. At least, this should be the consensus.

Mike Ditka, never one to parse words, recently weighed in on the subject, and I think he summed it up quite nicely.

“The weather’s going to be a problem,” Ditka said. “They made a big mistake. The game shouldn’t be there. I mean, it’s stupid.”

Well, there you have it. Blunt, succinct, and also correct.

Ah, but there is more.

“I’m just saying, if you get extreme cold or you get snow during the game, then it’s unfair to the fans, to the players, to everybody,” Ditka continues. “You’re not going to be able to perform at near the level you’re used to. And the element of luck comes into it, and it shouldn’t happen in that game. That game should be based on the people on the field who make the plays.”


It's refreshing to see Ditka showing his sensible side here. If a dinosaur like Iron Mike can see the folly of this situation, then perhaps there is hope for others as well. Ditka will be forever identified with Chicago and playing football in the elements. It is encouraging that he can maintain an old school mentality while still adapting to the times.

My fear is the weather will actually be reasonable and not affect the game in any significant way. This could then possibly justify the decision in the minds of the powers that be, and we might be subjected to more cold weather outdoor Super Bowl’s in the future.

Personally, I would like to see an epic weather debacle, complete with some combination of bitterly low temperatures and blizzard like conditions, insuring this nonsense will never happen again. The ideal scenario for these purposes would be a postponement, but this is extremely unlikely.

Anyway, we shall see what fate holds for the Big Game.

In the meantime, just remember this.

If you are on board with this idea, Coach Ditka thinks you are “stupid.”