Michael Vick Runs a 4.4 and Nobody Cares

Published on 25-May-2013 by Coach

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Michael Vick Runs a 4.4 and Nobody Cares

Michael Vick's tales of speed have been well documented.

OK, what was documented in that last point was that Vick said it on the Dan Patrick Show. Still, I don't think anybody will ever doubt Vick's speed or his ability to make plays with his feet. What should concern him more is his ability to throw the ball and mastering Chip Kelly's playbook.

If Vick didn't notice, Kelly drafted a drop-back quarterback last month. He's also got a decent passer in Nick Foles. It seems like he's tailoring his playbook to the NFL game more than encouraging more running from the QB position.

In Philadelphia, throwing the ball will need to be a priority for Vick to succeed -- or even get another year there -- with his newly-signed contract ending at the end of the upcoming season.

So best of luck to this old running quarterback. He might be the one people have in mind when they say, "They talk a lot about young running quarterbacks, and never about an old running quarterback."