Memo to Jacoby Jones: Strippers Only Add to Injuries

Published on 24-Sep-2013 by Towner Park

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Memo to Jacoby Jones: Strippers Only Add to Injuries

Jacoby Jones has made quite the name for himself over the past year.

With his game-changing catch to force overtime versus the Broncos, Jones propelled to the Ravens to the Super Bowl last season. With his uncanny skills in the return game, Jacoby has continued to be a pleasant surprise for the Ravens.

And now, after being injured during the first game of this season in a freak accident, the surprises continue.

It was recently reported that Jones was involved in a physical altercation with a stripper, which resulted in a champagne bottle being smashed over his head. There was no medical treatement involved, and Jones attended organizational meetings on Monday.

But seriously, Jacoby? This is a part of your rehab process?

As Cris Carter would say, "C'mon Man!"

Jacoby, you certainly don't need to be on a party bus, acting a fool with drunken strippers. Leave that to the professionals like LMFAO, Li'l Jon, etc. In fact, the Ravens don't need this negative attention. You most definitely don't need it, either. You should be solely focusing on your rehabilitation and trying to get back on the field to help your team instead of partying excessively on a party bus.

Yes, Jacoby, I know the temptation is there, especially when you have millions and your celebrity status has heightened. But football players never seem to get it. Now, you'll be the butt of jokes for weeks to come. It's unfortunate because the Ravens, fresh off a Super Bowl-winning season, are a team full of classy players.

The Ravens need you, Jacoby. Stop hanging out with strippers and start rehabbing accordingly. I hear you can actually make money if you do your job instead of blowing it on cheap entertainment.