McNabb Slams Another QB

Published on 11-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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McNabb Slams Another QB

Donovan McNabb has done it again; he has insulted yet another NFL quarterback.

It started with Tony Romo, then Robert Griffin III, and now it's Matthew Stafford's turn.

Stafford just received a huge raise from the Detroit Lions, which didn't sit well with the graybeard. And as we've seen lately, McNabb has no problem expressing his displeasure about today's signal callers. Here's his latest rant:

“When you look at just the numbers overall, you have to think about 12,000 yards and being the youngest quarterback to reach this feat and also the things he’s been able to accomplish, you know you begin to question this ... Is he worth top five money? I would have to say no. And I say that because it’s about wins and losses ... What has he really done for the Detroit Lions? Nothing.”

If you listen to McNabb, no quarterback in the league deserves to get paid. Stafford's numbers did go down last year, and the Lions didn't make the playoffs. That being said, he did take his team to the playoffs the year before, which ended their 12-year playoff drought.

At this rate, sometime soon McNabb will be telling viewers that Peyton Manning didn't deserve Comeback Player of the Year or that Adrian Peterson is overrated. 

McNabb is trying to establish a reputation as a commentator who asks the hard questions; Instead, he is building a reputation of being a hater.