May I Have Your Attention Deficit, Please: Richard Sherman Ought to Use Adderall after All

Published on 21-Feb-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel
Football - NFL / NFL Daily Opinion


During the just-completed NFL grind, Seahawks corner back, Richard Sherman, tested positive for Adderall: football's 'it' stimulant and more specifically designed for use in treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Judging from his off-field, out-of-season behaviour, he should double the dose.

The recent Twitter bitch-slapping with Darrelle Revis is the latest in a litany of "LOOK AT ME!" moments clamouring to overshadow Sherman's emergence as an elite defensive player. Following a Week 6 upset of the New England Patriots, he managed to make rational people side with Tom Brady by indulging a shrill chest-thump with accompanying Instagram snap. In Week 8, he took all the credit for Calvin Johnson having a mere mortal game, despite Megatron whiffing three catchable balls. He labelled Roddy White "an easy match-up". He ponced his way along Bourbon Street during Super Bowl Week. 

Sound like a guy needing juice for 'performance'?

Or perhaps the Sherman-ator is using too much? According to health guides, one of the effects of excessive Adderall is delusion. This would go a long way to explaining his self-styled coronation as King Corner Back, and his trumped up 'tude towards the achievements of the universally respected Revis.

Whatever the circumstances, one fact remains: you can't spell 'Sherman' without an 'M' and an 'E'.          

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