Martin-Incognito Texts Released

Published on 4-Feb-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Martin-Incognito Texts Released

It's been a while since the NFL started investigating the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin case.

As you may recall, Martin accused Incognito of bullying him.

The harassment, according to Martin, got so bad that he left the Miami Dolphins. The resultant uproar caused Incognito to be suspended from the team. But if you read some of the texts that were released to the media today, they sounded like friends.

In fact, most of the texts were vulgar, lowest-common-denominator stuff about women and drugs. Quite frankly, the theme of these exchanges seemed to be teasing from each side. Harassment was hard to discern.

Here's a PG-rated excerpt of the texting:

Martin Incognito texts 1

And I could qualify for a job at Disney just for finding a series or two that are PG!

Martin Incognito texts 2

All I can say is I hope their mamas didn't read the rest of these tappings.

On the whole, are the texts offensive? Yes, but did it sound like Incognito was bullying Martin? No.

So, for one of the few times in this whole sorry episode, Incognito sounds like the victim and Martin sounds like the jerk who decided to rat out his friend, basically over nothing.

This is a small sample size of Martin and Incognito's interaction. Who knows what else actually transpired away from the texting? All that's surfaced is that Martin didn't like the direction it was going.

Maybe the players are right. Maybe some things do need to stay in the locker room.