Marcus Peters Shows Off Ridiculous Ball Skills

Published on 14-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Marcus Peters Shows Off Ridiculous Ball Skills

The Carolina Panthers pissed away a 17-0 lead at home on Sunday, losing 20-17 to the Kansas City Chiefs.

This is obviously bad enough, but how they gave it away is particularly noteworthy.

With the score tied at 17 very late in the fourth quarter, the Panthers had the ball with a chance to salvage some pride and a win.

However, it was not to be, because Marcus Peters knows how to ball.

Feast your eyes:

That is scandalous.

Dude can play, but his decision-making after the play was dubious at best, as he punted the ball into the stands almost immediately afterwards.

This foolishness cost the Chiefs five yards for delay of game, but they did kick the game winner seconds later, anyway.

Peters' ball hawking is quickly becoming the stuff of legend.

The second-year pro has forced 15 turnovers and scored two touchdowns in only 25 career games, which is completely insane.

Peters, along with Eric Berry and his gang of miscreants on defense, are more or less carrying the 7-2 Chiefs at the moment, despite a feeble offense.

There's a lesson here, dudes and dudettes.

Crime does pay.