Manning has Record Day against the Ravens

Published on 6-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Manning has Record Day against the Ravens

Peyton Manning said all the right things before the Denver Broncos contest to start the season against the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.

He was at his politically correct best by declaring the team had moved on from last year's crushing playoff defeat and this was a new season. But you know it had to make him feel quite satisfied last night to not only throw a record number of touchdowns in a game (seven) but to do it against the Ravens. 

"It's incredible," said Broncos head coach John Fox. "I thought he was incredible a year ago. I've said it a million times -- to sit out a year, come to a new city, all new teammates, a very unusual type of [neck] injury. I don't know where he finished [last year], but he was up there in every category that quarterbacks look at. And this one was pretty phenomenal."

What's even more impressive is the slow start the Broncos had and the fact that they were behind 17-14 at the half. But a bad call by the refs on a Wes Welker 'catch' -- or non-catch -- seemed to get Manning and the offense going, and they never looked back.

In the second half, Manning threw for over 300 yards and five touchdowns. In the second half!

Names like Unitas, Staubach and Elway, never had that in a game. Can you believe that? The Kansas City Chiefs as an offensive unit only had eight touchdown passes last year

As for the Ravens defense, they were embarrassed by their play.

"Yes, anytime, you lose like that, it's a complete embarrassment," said cornerback Jimmy Smith. "There were definitely some coverage issues. We got to get more focused."

You think?

I know the Ravens lost a lot on defense, but come on. They got torched. This is the most points their defense has ever given up, which says a lot.

It's as if they didn't replace Ed Reed or Ray Lewis. At all.

Wonder if Lewis is blaming Mother Nature and the NFL for delaying the game and causing the Ravens to lose? 

Manning proved that at age of 37 he is still at the top of his game. Just ask the Ravens.