Manning Brothers: Rappin' for the Satellite

Published on 11-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Manning Brothers: Rappin' for the Satellite

They're baaacckkk!

Eli  and Peyton Manning have made yet another funny rap video for Direct TV, which will surely garner more than a few laughs from the general public. 

Actually, give the white boys credit. It is hiliarious.Check out the cool cameos, too. And who knew it was possible to spit in slow motion.

I'm impressed.

But nothing was more impressive than actor Chris Pratt -- you know, Guardians of the Galaxy  -- rapping Eminem's Forget about Dre.

Hey, if this acting  thing doesn't work out, Pratt may have a new career.

Slim Shady had better watch out. There may be a new sheriff in town.