Man, These Jets Are Really Awful

Published on 19-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Man, These Jets Are Really Awful

Not to make a claim as Nostradamus reincarnated or anything, but it's probably safe to conclude at this juncture that the New York Jets are a lost cause.

We're still only six weeks into the season, but yikes! It does look bleak.

The Jets currently sit at an utterly depressing 1-5, with their most recent setback being a 28-3 pasting by the Cardinals in the desert.

The fact that this game was a nationally televised Monday night affair only added to the indignity, although it's likely no one was watching anyway

The New York football Jets entered this season with reasonably high expectations, and on paper, they shouldn't be this completely inept.

But football is not played on paper, is it?

It's played on some weird, hybrid synthetic turf.

Anyway, in a sign of true desperation, it's being reported that the Jets are benching Ryan Fitzpatrick in favor of the lovable Geno Smith.

The old adage about rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic comes to mind.

It's damn peachy of Geno to take a break from his busy getting punched in the jaw by teammates schedule to play some ball.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.