LSU RB Arrested for Simple Assault

Published on 30-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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LSU RB Arrested for Simple Assault

You can tell spring practices are in the books and the off-season has arrived again for college football because players are starting to get arrested for stupid stuff.

Let's start our journey into the silly season in -- where else? -- Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

LSU starting running back Jeremy Hill was nicked Sat 27 April for punching someone in the back of the head. Not too cool, but here's what's even less cool: Hill celebrated by high-fiving his buddies. Smart, huh?

Oh, but it gets better, folks. This was all caught on video. Les Miles should be used to this by now. The year before last, it was starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson who was arrested for allegedly beating up a Marine.

Naturally, he was released and back on the team before the season started.

But unlike Jefferson, people actually have video of Hill in the act, and now the police do, too. This is not the first time Hill has been in trouble.

Hill and another high school teammate pleaded guilty for having sex with a 14-year old in a locker room in 2010. He received a suspended six-month sentence and put on two years probation, so Hill is probably safe from repeat offender status.  

If you have followed LSU football over the past few years, you'll recognize Hill as the Bengal Tigers' leading rusher who, despite the current arrest, will probably be back in uniform by the fall.

Besides, it wasn't like he failed ten drug tests.