Looking for the Feet of Clay

Published on 16-Aug-2013 by Richard Huryn

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Looking for the Feet of Clay

On the afternoon of Wednesday 14 August, the enitre country held its collective breath as the Internet and "Twittersphere" exploded with news of Tom Brady's injury.

The New England Patriots' signal caller is arguably the NFL's most high-profile player, and an NFL season without Tom Brady just would not be the same.

So, why is it that, as the news stories and tweets started to gain momentum, it seemed like there was a large group of people who wanted the injury to be severe? Are the NFL and the reporters who cover it really that desperate for a storyline? Have the Riley Cooper and Aaron Hernandez stories run out of legs already? Are we growning tired of hearing about the QB battles with the Eagles and the Jets?

Probably not.

The NFL practially prints money while dominating the headlines and churning out stories so fast that NFL Insiders might have the easiest job in all of sports journalism. There is always something to talk about, right? A draft pick that may or may not make the team, hot seat coaches, rules changes, etc.

So why all the hate?

The answer is simple.  We hate winners. We especially hate chiseled-jaw winners with GQ Magazine spreads, UGG Boot endorsements, and a supermodel wife.

Like so many other teams and individuals who have achieved success in the sports world, the New England Patriots are on track to be torn down by the "Media Machine". That's what we do ... we build up to tear down (ask Johnny Manziel). However, since the MRI results on Brady's knee did not show any significan injury, the wrecking ball is on hold.

For now.