Leave Tim Tebow Alone!

Published on 22-Jul-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Leave Tim Tebow Alone!

I've been inspired.

And this is no idle inspiration.

It's in the spirit of the guy who made the video declaring that we all "Leave Britney [that would be Spears] Alone!"

It would seem if anyone knows users, it's this dude with chick-like tendencies, possibly including PMS:

Must be a fan from Ms Spears' Mickey Mouse Club days.

But that's beside the point.

I'm declaring that all sports fans and media leave Tim Tebow alone!

First of all, I'm not going to appear on YouTube looking like a hot mess, crying and saying that you guys need to leave Tebow alone; I don't want to embarrass myself nor my family, but seriously, isn't it time we left this kid alone?

So what if he still wants to chase his NFL dream?

Who's he hurting by doing this? The kid believes he can still play quarterback and is working hard to get back in the league.

More power to him. He's not beating up his girlfriend or in some bar rolling up dollar bills looking suspicious. He's chasing his dream.

Why people have a problem with this is beyond me. We celebrate Johnny Manziel's antics for acting a fool but put down a dude who just wants to make it back into the NFL. Interesting.

The same people who are upset that ESPN created Tebowmania have no problem with 24-hour coverage of the rookie from Texas A&M.

Listen, the kid may not make it back in the league, but at least give him credit for trying. He's worked harder in a day than Manziel has done in a week. And if he doesn't make it, so what?

Give the kid a break. If you don't, you might just see me next on YouTube.

Scary thought, right?