Leaf Says Manziel is Leaf v2.0

Published on 5-Feb-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Leaf Says Manziel is Leaf v2.0

If it takes one to know one, then all the ringing alarm bells right now are the real deal.

Too bad Johnny Football's not listening to them.

Apparently, holding out for a Dallas Cowboys pipe dream can do that to a Texas kid.

But this is one of those rare times when Ryan Leaf's talking that anyone should sit up and listen.

Well, for Manziel, it might be going on double-tilt.


Sounds yet again like Manziel would be a better fit in another Dallas setting.

All the elements are there.

Leaf was always a big fish in a small pond, being a Montana jock who played college ball in bucolic Pullman, Washington. So when the big time bit him in the butt -- as we heard in his comments to Dan Patrick -- he had no clue how to handle it.

Seems like a couple of stretches in stir finally straightened him out. But what a waste of talent and prime years.

Manziel's hardly the first not to realize that college and pro football aren't the same game. He's definitely not the first to squander elite skills. And he's doing it on a scale that is out-Tigering Tiger Woods.

Come to think of it, maybe Mr Football's holding out for a sex clinic.

Leaf never had that option, either.