Last Chance for Stafford?

Published on 14-Mar-2014 by Ryan G

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Last Chance for Stafford?

The Detroit Lions are infamously known for their tendency to stand by sub-par quaterbacks for far too long.

So the question is, does that remain the case with quarterback Matthew Stafford?

Before I get opinonated, let me offer these facts:

  • Stafford has been in the league for 6 years, all with the Lions after they made the former Georgia Bulldog theirA top overall draft pick in 2009.
  • He has compiled a 59.5 completion percentage, 109 touchdowns, and 73 interceptions.

The stats are decent in comparison with other quaterbacks in the league, except for the interceptions. Stafford has a tendency of throwing interceptions at the worst possible times, literally throwing away games. Many say that Stafford is similar to Brett Favre in the sense that he's a true player and a hard throwing gunslinger. I agree, but I also believe he's too much like Favre; he throws an excessive amount of picks and tries to force the ball too much.

The Lions under Stafford have had their share of ups and downs, including the only 0-16 season in league history. Toss in one playoff berth and a few other sub-par seasons and then wonder if Stafford is to blame.

To me, he is. The Lions have played their share of close games during Stafford's tenure, and many of them have been blown by bad passes. 

This off-season, the Lions fired coach Jim Schwartz and hired Jim Caldwell from the Ravens, who made his name by working with Peyton Manning. He's clearly in the Motor City to mold Stafford. They also signed Joe Lombardi, another well-known quarterbacks coach, as their offensive coordinator. And, now they've inked free agent Golden Tate, which should be another reliable target for Stafford along with Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush, Joique Bell, and Joseph Fauria. 

I believe the Lions organization is starting to lose patience with Stafford and is giving him one more try by completely tailor-fitting the offense to him in hopes that the investment of a first-round pick won't go to waste as it did with Charlie Batch, Joey Harrington, and Scott Mitchell, along with several others in between. 

Stafford should be feeling the sense of urgency. Will he make something happen at last? That remains to be seen. But Lions fans are clamoring to have a winning team after all of these years of sticking by the losingest squad in recent seasons. 

Matthew Stafford, all eyes are set on you. It's time to show that you can live up to your potential and make this team a winner.