Kraft to the Commish: Who's Your Daddy?

Published on 27-Jan-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Kraft to the Commish: Who's Your Daddy?

Super Bowl XLIX is going to have to be quite a game to outdo the entertainment value of its build-up.

What's usually a boring and banal two-week break has been anything but this time around.

Stupid? Of course. This is the NFL's pomposity at its thrilling best. And daily, a bemused football world is seeing that they are what we thought they were.

Speaking of, who knew the Saturday Night Live scriptwriters had better sources than anyone else?

Ballghazi has given us Roger Goodell at his bumbling best. Somehow, though, that's not good enough for one of his bosses:

Dude's gotta be serious this time. He even wore his formal clown shoes for the occasion.

Robert Kraft But really, is that any way to talk about a dinner guest?

Yes, the Patriots owner and The Shield protector -- how long is it gonna take before the light goes on at Trojan's product development department? -- go 'way back, even further back than when Janay Rice got popped and Adrian Peterson's kid got paddled. Still, this time it's serious.

Maybe not as serious as trying to toss token money at concussion issues in hopes they'll go away -- they won't -- but serious.

To hell with the cash gouge that is Super Bowl XLIX, we're talking possible franchise value deflation here! And no 1%er is gonna let friendship cross a line like that.

So other than shooting itself in the foot of credibility once again, what impact will all this have on Sunday? Seahawk CB Richard Sherman didn't need his Stanford education to explain the obvious:

So, Kraft has made it crystal clear that, in this biz, the NFL owners are No 1.

If the Commish didn't get the hint, Kraft may not be so diplomatic next time:

Exactly. And by the way, didn't see any footballs in there.

Not coincidentally, scheme-wary punter money is flowing onto the Patriots' side of the ledger.

Wonder why.