Kenny Vaccaro Works Hard for the Money

Published on 19-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Kenny Vaccaro Works Hard for the Money

The New Orleans Saints beat the Carolina Panthers, 41-38 on Sunday in the Superdome in what could most accurately be described as a human video game.

As the score might suggest, defense was not exactly a priority, a sentiment that could serve as a summary for the entire Saints season thus far.

Kenny Vaccaro is not pleased.

The fourth-year safety passed on the traditional NFL 'Victory Monday' after a Sunday win, requesting that the entire defense report to work and review the game film.

This is a pretty cool move by Vaccaro, although some of his less-motivated defensive teammates may think otherwise.

It has sort of a coaches' pet or hall monitor feel to it, but this gesture also displays character, assuming his goal is to have the team improve as a defense.

Clearly, there's significant room for improvement on a club that currently sits dead last in scoring defense, allowing an obscene 33.6 points per game.

Fortunately for the Saints, they have a guy named Drew Brees at quarterback who can win shootouts, but this isn't exactly a formula for long-term success.

However, if you need to speak with Kenny on an off day, you can probably find him at the team facility, for good or ill.