Kaepernick Adds to Sherman's Media Frenzy

Published on 30-Jan-2014 by Towner Park

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Kaepernick Adds to Sherman's Media Frenzy

Is anyone else just starting to hate Richard Sherman?

Up until a week ago, I most certainly didn't. Not only did I think the Seattle Seahawks possessed one of the most physically intimidating defensive units ever to flash in front of my eyes, but I was in awe of Sherman's ability to shadow anything or anyone who lined up against him. He was, and still is, unquestionably one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. However, his arrogance and continuous mocking has inflated my distaste for him.

Just when I thought maybe things had quieted down after Sherman attempted to insult Peyton Manning by stating that  "Manning throws ducks", Colin Kaepernik made a public appearance on ESPN radio's Mike & Mike, where he openly dissed Sherman. I know you're young, Colin, but why would you give an attention whore more attention?

And I'm sure Kaepernick's bitterness didn't spill over during this interview at all.

The responses Kaepernick gave weren't surprising. He took offense to Sherman's tirade after the 49ers lost a squeaker to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game. Sherman, after being facewashed by Crabtree when he ran up to say 'helluva game' to him, started to insult Crabtree and declare himself as the best cornerback in the league.

Regardless, Kaepernick defended his fellow teammate and called Sherman's actions "ridiculous". He even went on to add that Sherman is "scared of the 49ers wide receivers". I don't really know if that's true, but I'm sure that vocalizing these sentiments made Kaepernick temporarily feel better after a bitter defeat for a second consecutive year.

Lastly, Kaepernick played the hypothetical game of if. This was all nonsensical information because none of the stuff that Kaepernick said "did" happen. His pass wasn't a foot longer, so consequently, Crabtree didn't  have that opportunity to score the winning touchdown. Even if it was, there's no guarantee that Crabtree would have caught it. Kaepernick is making assumptions because, well, he has surpreme confidence in his ability and Crabtree's ability, too. All signs of a loyal quarterback who believes in his wide receiver.

Despite Colin's chutzpah, I'm disappointed in both him and Sherman. Colin's excuses are absurd, and he's just giving an already spoiled dog one more bone. They both need a taste of humility or a demo on how to give a professional interview.

As Cris Carter would say, "C'mon Man."