Justin Tucker Beats Lions While Ending Fantasy Seasons Worldwide

Published on 18-Dec-2013 by Raoul Duke

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Justin Tucker Beats Lions While Ending Fantasy Seasons Worldwide

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker booted a ridiculous six field goals in six attempts on Monday night in Detroit to beat the Lions in a crucial game for both teams' playoff hopes.

This total included a game winning 61-yarder with under a minute to play. While this outcome was critical for both teams in the very real landscape of the NFL, it also affected many in the fantasy realm.

In fact, here's how a fantasy team owner would have pictured it before wither popping a champagne cork in triumph or chugging a rotgut to futher cloud reality:

There was an audible groan heard throughout the fantasy community as that bloody kick sailed achingly close to the right goalpost before sneaking through. Of course, there are just as many pretend football players who benefited from Tucker’s unholy point explosion on Monday night, but these fortunate souls are not my immediate concern.

I mean there are bad beats, and then there are bad beats.

I held a fairly comfortable 16½-point cushion in my fantasy semi-final going into the Monday night game. My opponent had devil incarnate Justin Tucker, while I had Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta, who did not provide much assistance. That comfortable lead had shrunk to a mere half-point before that godforsaken kick went through, sealing my fate.

Justin Tucker is in the midst of a remarkable season, and his performance on Monday night was quite impressive. However, Mr Tucker must understand that his actions do have consequences and that his maniacally accurate kicking on Monday night harmed many an innocent fantasy gamer.

I, for one, am left shaken to the very core of my being, and have begun to question even the most basic tenets of society and the principles that govern us as a people, along with my own place in the world.

Perhaps a better result in the third-place matchup this week will heal my broken spirit.

Or perhaps I will continue to drift aimlessly, searching for answers that do not exist.

It is left to the fickle gods of fantasy to decide.