Josh Norman Fined for Thinking He's William Tell

Published on 7-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Josh Norman Fined for Thinking He's William Tell

In what's apparently become a weekly ritual, the NFL continues to extort funds from the account of Redskins cornerback Josh Norman.

Previously, dude had been disciplined to the tune of almost $50K for a pretty nasty hit on Giants wideout Sterling Shepard.

This past week though, Norman got creative.

After a fourth-quarter pick against the Browns, he pulled out his imaginary bow, placed an equally imaginary arrow inside it, and pretended to fire it into the air.

The NFL, in its infinite wisdom, flagged Norman and fined him another $10K.

It would appear the league office is committed to eradicating any references to sex or violence from its players, both real and imagined.

Looks like that means a certain journeyman reliever won't be changing sports anytime soon.

Antonio Brown's tried to bring back the sexy, but the league dropped the hammer on him, too, protecting impressionable children everywhere.

Now the pretend violence is being addressed, as Norman’s arsenal has been confiscated. Our long national nightmare is finally over.

Some players and coaches have wondered aloud about the boundaries of celebration policy. The league office has provided some clarity, but the specifics remain ambiguous at best.

In the meantime, tangible objects like Terrell Owens' sharpie and Joe Horn’s cell phone will have to make some space for Josh Norman’s non-existent bow and arrow in the pantheon of NFL props.