Josh Gordon on the Move from Cleveland?

Published on 24-Aug-2016 by CJ

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Josh Gordon on the Move from Cleveland?

Josh Gordon’s tenure in Cleveland has run the entire spectrum between success and failure.

At its best moments, due was a perennial pro bowler with the ability to lead the league in receiving yards.

The flip side wasn't too cool: Gordon's been suspended multiple times for substance abuse.

The most recent transgression iced his entire 2015 season.

In April, Gordon duly applied for reinstatement to the NFL; however, his request was denied after dude incredibly failed yet another league administered drug test.

Set aside the rhetorical questions of what the hell was he thinking? Loading up while waiting for a response?

Definitely a wide receiver who will never be confused with a wide boy, Gordon still refused to give up on his NFL dreams, assuming they didn't occur after ingesting brownies of a certain kind.

In July, the league granted Gordon his reinstatement on the condition that he'll be suspended the first four games of the 2016 season.

In the meantime, dude's allowed to practice with the Browns during training camp, where he's showing every sign of recapturing his All-Pro form.

Those results landed Gordon where he should be, with the first teamers.

Browns coach Hue Jackson knows how important it is for Gordon to get these reps so he'll be ready come Week 5.

What's yet to be determined is whether Jackson's prepping his wideout for Browns games or someone else's.

A recent report from Browns camp has it that multiple team have inquired about his availability.

Not so, according to an anonymous source -- gotta love 'em! -- within the Browns org, who states they're not looking to move Gordon, believing they have the right environment to help him stay on the straight and narrow.

If it means anything, Gordon's made it clear that Cleveland is the place he wants to be, citing how much both Jackson and Browns owner Jimmy Haslam have done for him.

As much as both sides have done proper lip service, the idea of trading Gordon is still an interesting one, especially since that team source chose to remain anonymous. If they're so high committed to him, why didn't an official go on the record with it?

Assuming there's something to a trade, any team acquiring the wideout would obviously have to decide how much they're willing to part for a dude whose past makes his future a total crapshoot.

Conversely, the Browns have to weigh any offer from the upside of what they'd be giving up.

Where's Nostradamus when you need him?

Maybe Gordon's what the Browns need to join the Cavaliers and Indians in the best year of Cleveland sports history.

Stay clean, dude.