Johnny Football? How about Johnny Dope Show?

Published on 1-Feb-2016 by Brad Uhlman

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Johnny Football? How about Johnny Dope Show?

For someone who goes by the monkier Johnny Football, the dude sure makes headlines for more than his share of non-football stuff.

In Johnny Manziel's latest incident, police were called to investigate a possible domestic dispute with his ex-squeeze.

This was a v2.0, carrying over from October, where she tried to jump out of a moving vehicle.

Cleveland's second-round pick in 2014 seems to have alienated more than just this relationship.

Dude hasn't even taken a snap in practice for new coach Hue Jackson, who isn't interested in keeping him around. Manziel's stealth excursion to Las Vegas while under concussion protocol hadn't exactly enamored him with his new boss, either.

I think it is fair to say that Manziel's done like dinner in Cleveland. Even King James chimed in, labeling him a distraction for his agency and pulling the plug.

Manziel got away with his shenanigans because of his success on the field, but with his performance and injury history, dude's no longer getting the love he did when amazing the masses at Texas A&M. Some of his famous 'friends' like Drake seem to have forgotten about him, and as the aura of Johnny Football begins to fade, it looks like his celeb contact list will, too.

Manziel probably isn't fazed by it all right now. It's the off-season, and when you're an aspiring alcoholic with a possible drug problem, thats the real season.

Between rolling blunts and rolling up dollar bills to do yayo off of toilet seats, dude's gona be worry-free, enjoying the here-&-now for what it is.

Does he deserve another chance? Probably not, so that means he's odds-on to be signed by the Cowboys next season when Tony Romo breaks his collar bone again.

But I guess that's just white quarterback privilege.

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